Multi-player VR Shooting Game Platform for HTC VIVE, Virtual Reality Matrix Space。
    The world’s leading multi-player online solution that can be commercialized and implemented!

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Real VR Shooting

How to play?

Players use VR firearm to interact: press the trigger to fire, swing down the gun to reload.  When health point becomes zero, the player falls down and waits for reviving. Games will be over until all players fall down.

Super Trilling & Exciting

The disgusting monster is right before players, makes you feel terrified. Doomsday/Eve theme, makes you feel like you are at the end of the world. Fight against the powerful enemy, makes you feel like a super soldier.


The Next Big Events of VR

All the world talking about the Multi-player solution, THE READY PLAYONE ONE movie maybe the future VR trend!


Low cost & High Return

Omazing VR Team targets the most profitable solution of the moment, considering the development of future technology, gathering the best original content and platform manufacturing in China.


A solution that can be really practically operated and profitable.

Maybe you already saw the LARGE-SCALE OR OTHER multi-player solution, but mostly they are still at the experimental stage, and with high cost, high requirement of equipment, difficult to control and a big investment. In a word, it is hard to operate universally.

Newest Multiplayer VR Shooting Game Equipment

360° Free Vision

Powerful immersive. High Precision Game Modeling, 1:1 Game Scene Design to make the “real” Effect.

PP Gun Firearms

Using simulation PP gun firearms and get a real shooting experience. Ready, aim, and fire!


The headphones are now integrated with 3D spatial sound to deliver for true-to-life immersive audio.

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