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We are Moka

At Moka, we hope to create fun for both children and adult. We believe virtual reality will change the world in the future. We’re building products, experiences, and technology to take you enjoy virtual reality today in a very easy way.

We focus on virtual reality, where the physical and digital worlds merge together. It’s the gateway to the future, we try to make it easy and everyone can enjoy it.

And we are here to create fun

VR is supposed to be fun, safe and shareable. You can see it in our products, soft foam goggles, 3D Stereo sound and etc. And that’s why we created Moka. We specialize in VR products and experiences because we believe the future of VR should always be positive and help make us smarter, more creative and more collaborative while having amazing fun.

Mobile is the key

The success of any platform starts with people’s access to the technology. With 2.5 billion smartphones in the world, we believe VR has the power to touch each and every one of us.

It’s why our first products have focused on mobile, and we continue to innovate in this space every day.


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